Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mono Japanese Food Mart in Seorae Village

I had never intended to come to Mono Mart; I found it while looking for a place to eat.  Seorae Village is known for it's "Frenchiness" with the international French school located right on the street.  40% of Seoul's French population live in this area.  Accordingly, many wineries, bakeries, and French restaurants dot the area.  Surprisingly, Seorae Village is host to many Japanese establishments - sushi bars, izakayas, and a Japanese mart.

As you enter, you don't get the immediate impression that Mono Mart sells Japanese products.  Most of the items you first see are American or European - pasta, condiments, and the like.  As you venture farther in, the selection gets decidedly more Japanese.  There's some of everything.  Furikakes (rice seasonings) in different flavors - nori (seaweed), wasabi, etc.  A large selection of odeng (fish balls).  Buckwheat soba and udon noodles.  Every kind of soy sauce there is.  Sake!

Soy sauce

Smiley face french fries
The best part of Mono Mart is their sake selection.  IT'S CHEAP, Y'ALL!!!

Except for this guy, he's not cheap. 
Cute, little sake cups!!!
I got this giant thing of sake for 17,000 won!
I was so inspired by my visit that I made some delicately delicious zaru soba (cold buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce).

To get to Mono Mart, you'll need to find Seorae Village.  The closest subway stop is Express Bus Terminal.  Exit out of exit 5 (located near line 7).  Walk straight for 15 minutes until you reach a footbridge.  Cross the footbridge to the otherside and walk into the street by Manoffin and you're on the main street of Seorae Village.  Walk down until you see a Starbucks.  At the next street where you see a KB Bank, make a left.  Mono Mart should be on your right.  For a map, click here.


  1. Good news! They have stores in other places around Seoul and Gyeonggi-Do...AND...THEY DELIVER!!! Here's their website!

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