Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Minute Brownies

I, too, couldn't believe it when I read the box.  Three minutes?!  JT and Madonna had the immense task of saving the world in four.  But baking brownies in THREE?  WTF, it's like the ramen noodles of the dessert world.

I generally give the baking mixes of Korea the cold shoulder.  In fact, I didn't purchase this brownie mix.  I got it fo' free at Homeplus for signing up for their point card.  (You can purchase it for 3,200 won.)  I had no intention of ever using it, but I seemed to have forgotten that I am a woman with a hormonal dependency on chocolate.  (Is anyone else appreciating how delicately I phrased the relationship between menstruation and chocolate?)  So last night around 2 a.m., I microwaved my way to brownie in the time it takes my sister to eat an entire watermelon.

She sure loves her watermelons.
These brownies aren't the most amazing brownies, but they're exceedingly better than most brownies I've had in Korea AND they have the added delicious factor of fresh out of the (microwave) oven.  I fed some to my sister the next morning.  When I told her I had made them in the microwave, she was yelling, "WHAT?!!!" at me like I had borrowed her favorite leggings without asking (James Perse; the very ones she's wearing in the picture above).

The directions on the back of box are, obviously, in Korean.  So, I will translate.

1.  In a bowl, mix together the "pre-mix" packet and the chocolate chip packet (the only two things in the box) with 60 ml (1/4 cup) of water.  This is a tiny amount of water and the consistency of the batter won't be like regular brownie batter, it'll be very pasty and thick.  It will look undeniably like number two.

*Tip:  To make them more exciting, add in some nuts or peanut butter.  If you're feeling adventurous, add in some unconventional ingredients like bacon, salt, or even cayenne.

2.  Spread the batter into a microwave-safe glass or ceramic dish.  Microwave according to your microwave's wattage: 4 minutes at 600W, 3 minutes 50 seconds at 700W, or 3 minutes 30 seconds at 900W.  At this point, you're probably realizing that I've loosely interpreted "3 minutes."

3.  The instructions recommend waiting 1 minute before serving.  I would wait 3-5 minutes for it to firm up more.

I baked them in the same bowl I used to mix.

Brownies taste best topped in something: chocolate on chocolate, dulce de leche, whipped cream, ice cream, etc.

If we're talking dollars and cents, I'd eat these brownies all day over making them myself.  Cocoa powder is expensive.  Butter is expensive.  This brownie mix only costs 3,200 won ($3). 
In the end, I feel that 3-minute brownies speaks highly for technology but sadly for mankind.  I can't imagine the sad kind of individual that NEEDS brownies in three minutes...

Urgency, laziness, and gluttony at its finest.  Best when shared.
It's apple crisp, but can you smell the impatience?

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  1. I think that last picture is in the wrong post...and those were my apples I bought after a long day at the ceramic arts festival when you told me to buy gyul but I bought apples and a watermelon instead! I was bitterly shamed and then, still angry, demanded apple crisp.



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