Thursday, November 3, 2011

24 Hour Korean Food Delivery in Gyeongnidan/HBC

Late night picnic of 제육덥밥.  Yummay. 
It's super frustrating to be hungry at 3 a.m. with little to no food options.  I've googled my way to food several times only to find out they're not actually located in my neighborhood and can't deliver, or they're closed.  My hunger gives birth to an insatiable rage which usually results in me angrily stomping off to a GS25 to eat every disgusting 삼각김밥 (samgak kimbap) and watery yogurt in sight.

That was before I found 밥사랑 (Bap Sa-rang), my favorite 24-hour Korean food delivery.  The name translates to "rice love," and this is my go-to for quick, cheap, good food.  I order here after almost every hangover or 3AM late night picnic.  They're usually pretty quick, and when I say "no onions, please," they actually listen.

The tray of 반찬 (ban-chan) or "side dishes" change each time I order so I never know what I'm going to get.  For the most part, they're all pretty good, and if not, then at least the main courses are, without fail, very very good.  Especially for 3AM.

My favorite is their 돼지김치찌개 (dwe-ji kim-chi jji-gae) or "pork kimchi stew."  It's actually my favorite kimchi jjigae in Korea.  It's not too salty, not too oily and has plenty of rich kimchi slurry for lots o' flavor.  I love this stuff.

My second favorite is their 제육덥밥 (jae-yook dup-bap) or "spicy pork stir fry over steam rice" (picture above).  It's greasy, spicy and delicious.  The pork fat melds beautifully with the spicy sauce, and there's some cabbage and onions to soak up some of the artery-clogging elements.

Some of their dishes are okay - not bad like their 치즈돈까스 or "cheese donkatsu", 해물칼국수 or "hand-cut flour noodles in a seafood broth" and 소고기볶음밥 or "beef fried rice".  To date, I haven't tried anything from here that I wasn't satisfied with in my slightly inebriated state with less-than-discerning taste buds.

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  1. Do they understand any English/bad Korean? :(



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