Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black Forest Chocolate Cake at Lazy Sue's

Lazy Sue's is the kind of place that I avoided going to because it looked "too Korean" in that it had the faux French-ish shabby chic thing going on.

You can tell right away by looking that it's Korean-owned and operated.  Obviously, I have nothing against Korean-owned and operated.  I'm Korean.  But I do have a problem with places that try to market themselves as "French" or "Italian" when they've clearly never spent more than a few months in the place.  The kind of place that serves pickles with their spaghetti and spells everything wrong.  For me, a telltale sign of this is superficial "French" decor - wrought iron, wooden wine box crates, hand-painted sign with little flowers...Lazy Sue has that.  But I was wrong.

This place boasts an impressive selection of teas.  I haven't even made a dent in trying them all, but they serve THE BEST GREEN TEA LATTE I've ever put in my mouth.

The proprietor also bakes all this won desserts.  I watch him do it behind the counter - tapping the pans to get the air bubbles out, measuring out flour....creepy?  Everything I've tried tastes amazing, but one reigns supreme.  Their Black Forest Chocolate Cake.

This cake is perfect.  It's my favorite dessert, and I don't get it often because I feel like it's too good to cheapen with frequency.  (The less-poetic reason: I don't like being fat.)

I don't really like chocolate cake.  But this chocolate cake is AMAZING.  I love sharing this dessert.  If I didn't have friends, I'd run up to strangers and shove spoonfuls in their mouths.  There are desserts that I don't like sharing.  Shitty, but friggin'-good-in-that-sinful-crap-way like Oreos, Twinkies, cookie dough....such desserts are for depressed, selfish fatties.

This cake is so good to the level that you must share.  Eating dessert alone is for losers.  Eating dessert with friends is a life-enriching experience.

Chocolate.  Rich and moist.  Just the right amount of dense and light so that you fork cuts through without summoning guilt.

The rules: You have to drink it with Licorice Spice Tea and get it "a la mode".  This combination is my guilty pleasure.  It is my ambrosia.  It is my close-my-eyes-and-let-saliva-pool-in-my-mouth.

Lazy Sue's is pretty easy to find.  The closest subway station is Noksapyeong Station.  Come out of exit two, cross the street at the underpass, and you're there.

Lazy Sue can also be found on MangoPlate, a restaurant discovery app available in English and Korean.


  1. I recently discovered your blog...and so glad I did! It's brilliant! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks, I hope you continue reading. I plan on posting MUCH MORE!

  3. Hey, just found your blog and I think it's wonderful, thoughtful and entertaining, can't wait to read more.

  4. nice article... thanks for sharing... keep on posting

  5. Do you happen to know where Lazy Sue's has moved?



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