Sunday, April 28, 2013

Burgers at Salt and Butter on Apgujeong's Rodeo Street

I rate burgers in four categories: bun, patty, toppings, and sauce.  Recently I visited Salt and Butter on Rodeo Street in Apgujeong.  I ordered the Dallas Burger and the Spicy Chicken Burger.  This is how they did.

The Dallas Burger.

The Spicy Chicken Burger.

Both burgers were on sturdy buns which had a thick, dense brioche-texture without the sweetness.  The buns were toasted and served as worthy soak barriers - burger juice was well-contained, and the fingers stayed dry.  Finally, a judicious bun-to-content ratio helped avoid the dreaded burger backslide.

Inside the Dallas Burger.

The Dallas Burger patty is all-beef and ground in-house (major street cred).  Cooked medium and juicy, yet I could have used more beef.  Toppings include onion rings and bacon (cured and smoked in-house), which overpowered the beefiness I crave when sinking into a burger.

The Spicy Chicken Burger.

The Spicy Chicken Burger was a surprise.  I don't like chicken burgers; I think they're for sissies.  Gimme a cow!  But this patty is all THIGH.  Juicy chicken-on-chicken flavor highlighted with punches of spice and rounded out with a creamy, crunchy coleslaw.  Everything worked.  I loved this burger.

For sides, we ordered the truffle fries and sweet potato fries.  If the truffle fries were truffle, I could not taste it.  I think we were mistakenly given the rosemary fries - probably not a good thing if I couldn't tell.  But this faux pas is overshadowing the fact that these fries (regardless of flavoring) were just awesome fries. Cut from a potato that was clearly bigger than my face, these fries are crispy on the outside while hot, soft, and potato-y on the inside.  Normally, sweet potato fries are weirdly rock hard in Korea, so I was happy that these were substantially-sized wedges with a skin-on, crispy exterior housing a comfortingly soft and sweet interior.

Normally mentioned first, this appetizer is greatness.  Cheesy spinach and artichoke dip.  It'll have you and your dining partner giving each other dirty looks at overloading dip on chip.

Finally (yeah, I'm not done yet), milkshakes.  Oreo milkshakes.

You can find details on how to get to Salt and Butter on MangoPlate, a food discovery app for restaurants in the Seoul area.  Available for Android and iPhone.

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