Monday, December 21, 2009

Paper Garden in Sinsadong

A few days ago, I arrived at one of my fav spots, The Flying Pan, only to discover the entire space was rented out for some private event. But I was on Garosugil so it wasn't like there was a shortage of restaurants. We wound up at the Paper Garden, an Italian restaurant, on a small side street. The atmosphere was minimalist and chic, but the menu was an eyebrow raiser. Why was there kimchee fried rice on the same page as the pastas??? I understand it's Korea and the obligatory saucer of pickles can't be avoided at even the most authentic of Italian restaurants but really? Trying to imagine what kimchee was doing in the same kitchen where alfredos and marinaras were being prepared made my stomach cringe.

It's a limited menu, so I begrudgingly ordered the caprese salad (17,000 won). It came out on a behemoth platter with the communal dining idea in mind. This makes it very awkward to eat if you're as selfish with your food as I am. The only thing worth noting is that the mozzarella is one of the best I've had in Seoul. So fresh, creamy, lactescent and not too tightly wound. Otherwise, I have nothing further to say about Paper Garden. The Flying Pan better be open next time I go.

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